Introducing QuadMail 2.0

Alumni email outreach has never been easier and more effective.

Take email fundraising to the next level with QuadMail 2.0. The newly reinvented QuadMail features: powerful, easy-to-use design capabilities; email campaign scheduling tools; behavioral triggers, and detailed performance reports. It’s the only email marketing product designed exclusively for higher ed. And best of all: it’s already included with your QuadWrangle platform.

Human intelligence meets artificial intelligence.

Advanced AI frees your team from day-to-day email tasks, so you can focus on big picture fundraising.

Meet Isaac. He's the innovative alumni robot assistant powering your entire QuadWrangle platform. Isaac automatically learns everything he can about an individual alumni user -- including profile information, interests, geotags -- and creates email newsletters/digests with content tailored to that person. 

For example: Wossamotta U alumnus, Cliff, is a Detroit lawyer that likes baseball and volunteering on Facebook. Isaac might create a newsletter for him with news stories like: "Wossamotta baseball wins 3-2," "Wossamotta law students #3 in nation," and "Wossamotta midwest alumni chapter clean up Metro Beach."

You get to apply a true "market of one" strategy across thousands of alumni.

Isaac doesn't stop with email curation. Based on his growing understanding of users, he can predict which calls to action and which funds an individual will most likely respond to. 

You can also use Isaac's data to fuel your own alumni meetings. Using QuadHub, you can learn about a potential donor's interests, location, and level of engagement before connecting in-person.

Unleash the full potential of email marketing.

QuadMail 2.0's new provide you with powerful (and easy-to-use) design, content, and analytical features. 



Isaac automatically creates engaging newsletters tailored to each individual alumni user's personal interests.


Add automatic behavior triggers to each campaign to manage email stops, follow-ups, and unsubscribes.


Design emails using our simple drag-and-drop interface. No coding or HTML experience necessary.


QuadMail 2.0 emails automatically scale from desktop to mobile, and can be read on all major email clients.



Edit photos within QuadMail. Crop, resize, filter, and more without every having to open Photoshop.


Track opens, bounces, and unsubcribes. Even see the giving capacity behind a single email or entire campaign.

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