Heat up your summer fundraising with QuadWrangle’s redesigned Giving Pages


Five reasons why QuadWrangle’s new goal deadlines will heat up your next fundraiser

Starting in June, QuadWrangle schools can add goal deadlines to their AI-powered giving pages. With a couple clicks, you can add a visible fundraising thermometer and countdown clock to any campaign. Why is this crucial to fundraising? The fundraising thermometer doesn’t just measure a campaign’s heat – it raises it.

  1. Create a clear and visible goal. Alumni are more likely to react when they can visualize the result of a donation, even if it’s raising a thermometer a tick or two.
  2. Build a sense of urgency. The accompanying countdown clock compels alumni to donate now. The more time alumni wait to donate means more time to reconsider or to donate elsewhere entirely.
  3. Foster alumni unity. A common shared goal brings alumni together – and even encourages them to recruit others to reach the donation goal together.
  4. Encourage larger donations. Simple gamification: alumni might feel compelled to give a little extra during the campaign if it means reaching the next level.
  5. Add momentum. As your thermometer grows, you’re more likely to attract new donors. After all success begets success. People want to jump on a winning team.

Want to know what else QuadWrangle giving pages can do for you? Sign up for one short demo, and you’ll see how easy it is to build effective fundraising campaigns for e-mail, web, and mobile – and more importantly – how to get them in front of the alumni members that are most likely to give.

oliver pangborn