Recapping DRIVE: Big Insights and a Long, Exciting Road Ahead


We're back from what might have been the best DRIVE event since its inception. We could offer a bullet point list of "the top 10 things you missed," but I'm not so sure that's what you want.

Your VP doesn't want all the minutiae. Gift officers need data distilled to action. Engagement leaders have to instantly know how a key event has impacted mission.

So, when we boil down thousands of tweets, nearly 100 hours of presentation material, and untold "hallway" chats, what's the key takeaway from DRIVE?

When it comes to the next generation of big data analytics in advancement, we are no longer babes in the woods, but neither are we seasoned practitioners. One participant told me how they had downloaded a license of IBM Watson. I asked, "what for?" And the answer was something akin to "I wanted to play around with it."

Experimentation is great. It is. But we have real problems to solve. Questions to answer. Organizations to advance. What the exciting new technologies hurtling into our world do is expand how well we can address those questions and even bring some formerly thought unanswerable into view.

That means we have to work harder than ever before. The people in this market are more critical than ever as they carve and navigate new trails for us all. I'm proud of our team here at QuadWrangle for being a part of that trail carving and honored to be surrounded by so many especially bright people working so very hard to make our world better because data can, indeed, increase philanthropy.

See you all in 2019 in Baltimore!