Curating a University for CASE DRIVE Speaker Jennifer Golbeck


Jennifer Golbeck is keynoting DRIVE and we're beyond excited. Why?

"Jennifer Golbeck is known for her work on computational social network analysis. She developed methods for inferring information about relationships and people in social networks. Her models for computing trust between people in social networks are among the first in the field. Social trust was for used in early research on trust-based recommender systems."

Isn't that at the core of what we're all getting together for? Yep. So, we decided to get ahead of the presentation a bit and apply our own Machine Learning analysis on Jennifer's publicly available bio data from places like LinkedIn, Facebook, Wikipedia and elsewhere.

Here's a screenshot of the first few key concepts that our bot, Isaac, was able to uncover

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 9.59.35 AM.png

What's happened above is that our system has aggregated dozens of information sources on Jennifer, extracted the important stuff like key concepts, and looked to see whether or not those key concepts are more or less useful in understanding who Jennifer is and, in particular, her interests. That's where the "score" comes in.

Our scoring system helps to figure out how much someone cares about a topic. For Jennifer, you'll see things like social networks, Facebook and Google weighted a bit more heavily. Makes sense given her research focus.

Now for the fun part: activation of those insights.

Isaac's smart enough to look at everything we know about Jennifer and use that to make decisions about what kinds of university content she'd be most interested in. From our partner, the University of Alabama, Birmingham, we saw Jennifer had the following curated to her:

UAB to host computer programming contest for Alabama high school students

UAB Tech Challenge

Novel solution to better secure voice over internet communication

Each of these has several related tags - many around social networks, big data, and computer science topics.

When content is curated engagement goes up. And, guess what? The same tech curates appeals. That's the big deal with machine learning: it not only better understands your constituents, but it also activates those insights automatically.

If you're headed to DRIVE, won't you come say 'hi?'

Nick Zecketsdrive18