DRIVE Day 2: What we're bringing our notebooks to


The second day of DRIVE is a beast. A big, burly, smart beast. Nothing breeds success like planning, so, as always, here are the sessions we're most looking forward to on Day 2. And, as with our Day 1 feature post, we forced ourselves to pick just one session per slot - there are a pile of other excellent sessions we'll still get ourselves into, but these are our "can't miss" sessions:

Less Artificial, More Intelligent

FICO's Chief Analytics Officer, Scott Zoldi, is a superstar. If you don't know him, be prepared to have your socks knocked off. Make sure to follow him on Twitter, too, at @ScottZoldi. He offers up a lot of great thinking there. His session is all about putting a framework together for approaching the application of next-gen tech and we're right there wth him. Cannot wait!

Connections and Clicks: Leveraging Big Data to Gain Engagement Insights

Xiaohong Zhang of University of Chicago is spot on: email and other digital engagement data is a goldmine of donor insights. The trick is harnessing it all given volume and veracity. What we've seen from our own automated application of Natural Language Processing in QuadMail across millions of emails to over a million college alumni is that beyond the opens and clicks is an ever deeper lake of linguistic data. What is the content causing people to open and click? What does that mean for targeting asks? For sending the next email to them? We're excited to hear Xiaohong share she and Chicago's own dynamic work on this data set.

Redefining Major Gift Officer Service Models

Joshua Birkholz of Bentz Whaley Flessner and Jennifer Holt from St. Jude's intimately understand what frontline fundraisers need - which sometimes is about granting less room to roam and about more ability to dig deep with prospective donors. They'll be sharing their technology and process stack from the advancement services org that empowers St. Judes' gift officers to have the greatest impact.

Tapping the Social Media and Text Data Fire Hose

I don't think anyone would be surprised to hear that QuadWrangle is excited to hear Brett Lantz of the University of Michigan talk about Natural Language Processing. I mean, hey, NLP is at the core of our AI bot, Isaac. And Brett's spot on - the words in your database are worth 100X more when passed through a NLP engine. It's making order out of what seems like chaos. Can't wait to learn Brett's approach!

Guiding Advancement Into A Digital First Mindset

Let's be honest: none of the groundbreaking work we're all doing happens without a lot of politicking and navigating our large, complex and, often, change-resistant organizations. Cornell University is a leading voice on the transition to being digital first in fundraising and education. Their very own Mike O'Neill is going to share how they've made it happen and gotten cross-org buy-in.

See you all on the floor at DRIVE, or be sure to come back and follow along here on the QuadBlog.

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