DRIVE Day 1: Sessions We're Looking Forward To


We're just a little over a week out from touching down in Seattle for DRIVE. On night one, word is that the welcome party has some special chicanery to get folks loose and brains flexing. Come for the fun; stay for the Day 1 Agenda.

So, on our first monster day together, what is QuadWrangle most looking forward to:

Big Social Data with Jennifer Golbeck (of course!)

Jennifer's an accomplished analyst and TED speaker. She is, simply, "our" people. We all know that social networks know a lot about us, but the data they collect is just the tip of the iceberg. Jennifer's talk is going to blow and open some minds.

The Man Who Mistook Alexa for an Oracle with Ashutosh Nandeshwar of USC and Moi

For sure, we're biased, but we're going to be talking in this session about the overall constructs, realities and limitations of the leading edge tech that is redefining our market - AI, machine learning, etc. If you want to get your feet ground and your mind oriented for what's to come at DRIVE, this is your session.

Measuring Alumni Engagement: A Model-based Analytical Approach with Heather Campbell and Min Xu of Princeton

Oh yes. Yes! Alumni engagement measurement is the next frontier of actionability in insights for advancement. And a single scalar measurement just misses the real value of dimensionality in all that great qualitative data.

Marketing Automation: Early Learnings for Fundraisers, Communicators and Researchers with Mirabai Auer and Samantha Morales of UChicago

No secret that this is our bread and butter and the squad at UC is smart, thoughtful and carries a ton of analytical firepower. They know what they're talking about and we're excited to hear all about it.

Never Split the Difference with Chris Voss of Black Swan

Ever feel like you're negotiating with terrorists? That's probably a bit extreme, but the sense that we're navigating limitations and requirements at gun point makes us fail ourselves and our partners. I'm buzzing to hear Chris' system for handling the toughest of scenarios.

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