What We Talk About When We Talk CASE NAIS

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.56.00 PM.png

We ran the CASE NAIS 2018 session descriptions through Isaac, our constituent engagement AI. Isaac was able to pull out several dozen key concepts dominating our time together in Anaheim from January 21st-23rd.

Not surprisingly, a lot of what we see here are the titles of all our 900+ colleagues joining us for this wonderful conference. The most compelling data are around key topics. Chief among them are:

  • Marketing
  • Alumni and reunions
  • Social Media

These are pathways to engagement, insight, and outreach that allow us to advance our institutions. Often, these concepts live on their own islands. But it's pulling them together that makes all those efforts really shine. As we'll hear in a series of key sessions, communications are getting ever more personal and, in so doing, driving greater engagement and giving.

Stay tuned for our next CASE NAIS post when we share the sessions we're most excited about!

Nick Zecketscasenais