Dale Dougherty, CASE NAIS, and Curation

Nearly 1,000 K12 independent school fundraisers, administrators and partners are about to land in Anaheim to talk about the future of our collective work. How are we going to move engagement forward? How will that engagement advance our schools' ability to impact learners and our communities? And with evidence that demand for engagement continues to scale up while our resources stay flat (or shrink) what are we to do?

Software and better math are our answers. If we can't scale our teams to match demand, then we have to find scale resources. I'd like to offer here an example of how we might do that with a bit of content by using CASE NAIS keynote speaker Dale Dougherty.

CASE NAIS keynote speaker Dale Dougherty, founder of the Maker movement

CASE NAIS keynote speaker Dale Dougherty, founder of the Maker movement

Here at QuadWrangle, our AI bot Isaac can ingest billions of data points, chiefly language from your donor database, social media and even email behavior, on a constituent to establish their interests and then automatically connect them to news, event, other community members and even appeals that are hyper targeted.

When we passed a few sources of data on Dale through Isaac, the system curated seven news items from one of our clients, University of Alabama, Birmingham:

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 2.46.25 PM.png

That third item has evidenced eleven different concepts that are related to insights on Dale. That's remarkable. And, fascinatingly, incredibly common. Schools are diversely interesting. As we centralize, understand and auto-curate content for our clients like UAB, Georgia Tech, Southern Cal, Choate, Rosemary Hall, Marianpolis Prep and others, we find that our average engaged alum consumes over 50 news items each month for their alma mater. And it's no surprise that clients report that emails from our platform have open rates nearly 40% higher than their prior tools.

Personalization matters.

We hope to see you at CASE NAIS to share how our web, mobile, email and analytics tools drive richer engagement and more giving.