How Machine Learning Saw CASE NAIS Day One

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Yesterday was high energy. If nothing else, the live band karaoke at The House of Blues last night was worth the price of admission.

But it was a day of real and honest dialogue. People shared their wins, their challenges and their time. As always, CASE NAIS is delivering. We passed all the Twitter engagement from #casenais through Isaac, our AI bot, last night. He pulled out 60 key concepts from the conference.

Naturally, we talked a lot about the people and places of this event - schools, leaders, and, yeah, a lot about Anaheim and nearby Disney. However, the richest concepts were: "Phoneathons," "social media," "Amazon," and "whole Development Team."

These first three concepts are all about disruption while the last is the only way we're going to get to the next generation of engagement and fundraising. Come see us to hear how we help to make that next generation of advancement not just feasible, but easy, thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

What stands out to you from the list? See below...

  • Anaheim
  • Stacy Jagodowski
  • Independent Schools Conference
  • Matt Neely
  • Lawrence Academy
  • Julie Siebel
  • Dale Dougherty
  • Anaheim Convention Center
  • David May
  • Penny Rogers
  • Corey Alderdice
  • Rachel Roberts
  • Anaheim Conference
  • NAIS Independent Schools Conference
  • lawrenceacademy
  • yamdivad
  • JAK
  • Phillips Brooks
  • Maria Locacciato
  • robmmoore
  • Texas
  • markzarbailov
  • Assistant Head of School for Advancement and Strategy
  • Lela Diaz
  • Henri Nouwen
  • Isaac
  • Ed Sevilla
  • scottmedina
  • Matt Honeycutt
  • Naperville
  • LA
  • Pegasus School
  • Isaac Asimov
  • St. Mary
  • Sue Cunningham
  • St. Mark
  • Phoneathons
  • social media
  • Amazon
  • whole Development Team
  • Whitby School
  • Mike Nagel
  • Kerry Shea
  • Woodland School
  • partner
  • Nevers
  • Trina Gary
  • Bethany Silvestri
  • Garden Walk
  • gotmilkenschool
  • news
  • theme parks
  • school
  • Public school

Want to see how machine learning would look at your alumni and fundraising? Set up some time at CASE-NAIS with our team by e-mailing or stop on by the QuadWrangle booth.

Nick Zecketscasenais