Your CASE NAIS Marketing + Communications Track


Across the next several days, CASE NAIS is offering its attendees 54 separate session. Fifty-four. And apart from a handful of keynotes, most of those sessions have steep competition in their respective time slots.

At QuadWrangle, we’re big on focus. It’s a core aspect of great product development and in an idea put forward by Greg McKeown called Essentialism. The more we try to do, the less we get done. So, with that in mind, we have organized CASE NAIS into a couple of suggested tracks.

We forced ourselves to choose one session from each set of electives along a specific content track. This post gets deep into MarComm. Without further ado, here is the CASE NAIS Marketing and Community track:

Today is Day One, Sunday, Jan. 21


50 Percent Alumni Participation: It Takes Collaboration

Alex Eshelbrenner, Director of Alumni Relations; and Christina Jarke, Director, St. Mark's Fund, St. Mark's School of Texas

Alex and Christina will talk on how they’ve joined alumni relations and the annual fund  to drive a steep increase in giving participation. This, fundamentally, is all about communications!


Development Collaboration with Admission and Communications for Maximum Impact

Virtue Byrd, Director of Marketing and Communications, St. Mary's School; Christine Downie, Director of Development, St. Mary's School; and Jennifer Risner, Director of Admission, St. Mary's School

The thing about communications and marketing success is that it takes… communication. Virtue, Christine and Jennifer are going to share their journey of creating a cross-departmental team to drive critical marketing synergies.

Day Two: Monday, Jan. 22

11:00 AM-12:15 PM 

Why Innovation is an Essential Partner for Advancement Communications Teams

Tim Fish, Chief Innovation Officer, NAIS

Tim’s right: innovation is the rage. And isn’t it always when it comes to marketing? The crux of innovation isn’t just ideation, but, critically, execution.


Rx for Gen Z: One School's Prescription to Engage its Young and Future Alumni

Charley Mitchell, Director of Alumni Relations; and Kevin Sottak, Head of External Relations, St. Paul's School

Gen Z, also referred to as the “Post Gen” by generationalist Scott Hess, is different. Just like Millennials before them and Gen X before them (and on and on). Socio-economic and technological shifts require that we speak to them differently. After spending a decade as a youth marketing consultant to companies like Dreamworks and Toyota, I’ll be especially keen to hear how Charley and Kevin have leveraged social tech to engage soon-to-be and recently minted alumni.


When Annual Giving Met Communications: A Mini-Campaign Love Story

Ginette Buffone, Web Manager; Patti Finkelstein, Director of Major Gifts; Jeff Goodman, Communications Manager; Sara Ring, Director of Communications; and Peggy Cook, Former Director of Annual Giving, Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences (now Chief Advancement Officer, Poly Prep Country Day School)

You can’t argue with a 63% lift in early annual giving rates. Ginette, Pattie, Jeff, Sara and Peggy are going to share how, in a 45 day focused campaign, they achieved these results. Knowing that the average marketing message needs to be seen 7-11 times before a consumer will convert, their approach to leveraging various channels and segmentation will be compelling to hear.

Day Three: Tuesday, Jan. 23


Priority Now: Prepping for the Unanticipated Communication Crisis

Alex Perez, Director, Communications, Menlo School; Dana Rakoczy, Director, Strategic Communications, Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton; and Jill Shaw, Director, Strategic Communications, Viewpoint School

Both my high school and undergrad alma maters in the last year had sudden, critical issues to discuss with their communities – and they’re not unlike many schools. Large, diverse audiences mean that things are going to happen and we need to be ready. I’ll be interested to hear how Alex, Dana and Jill create advance comms plans and then manage those plans quickly and successfully.

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Nick Zecketscasenais