Your CASE NAIS Emerging Trends Track


As previously mentioned, CASE NAIS is offering its attendees 54 separate session so QuadWrangle is organizing CASE NAIS into a couple of suggested tracks.

We chose one session from each set of electives along a specific content track. This post is for those looking at what’s next and new. Without further ado, here is the CASE NAIS Emerging Trends track:

Today is Day One, Sunday, Jan. 21


Better Together: Using Advancement Collaboration to Increase Fundraising

Cathy Carlson, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations; Joe Connolly, Chief Advancement and Enrollment Officer; and Erin Schwartz, Director of Communications and Community Engagement, Hillbrook School

No question, K8 schools have a tough mountain to climb in driving alumni giving. In 5 years Cathy, Joe and Erin increased alumni participation by 55%. And they did so with innovative uses of data, tech and strategy. #CannotMiss


Donor Research: Tools and Templates for Shops of All Sizes

Ryan McCarvill, Content & Community Manager, iWave Information Systems;  Vidya Kagan, Director of Data Management and Research, Menlo School; and Kate Villasenor, Major Gifts Officer, Harvard-Westlake School

We have a saying around QuadWrangle: “fast is slow and slow is fast.” Ryan, Vidya and Kate are going to tell us about not just tools and tech to execute rich donor research, but that not doing so jumps a critical step in fundraising. #Preach

Day Two: Monday, Jan. 22

11:00 AM-12:15 PM 

Why Innovation is an Essential Partner for Advancement Communications Teams

Tim Fish, Chief Innovation Officer, NAIS

Tim’s right: innovation is the rage. And isn’t it always when it comes to marketing? The crux of innovation isn’t just ideation, but, critically, execution. A necessary track repeat from the MarComm track!


Accelerate Giving by Asking New Data Questions

Jay Goulart, Director of Development, Tampa Prep; and Lauren Reichart, Director of Annual Giving, Hopkins School

The reality is that the data you need is probably already in-house. The question that Jay and Lauren will help us solve is how to make use of that data.


The Capital Campaign of the Future: A Cultivation Tool to Close Major Gifts

Ralph A. Nardini, Major and Planned Gift Officer, St. Xavier High School

Ralph’s right: campaign engagement has to be fluid and it’ll be remarkable to hear how he and his team have mapped the institution’s needs to the top 5% of their donors. We’d expect that to leverage innovative tools and approaches and can’t wait to hear more.

Day Three: Tuesday, Jan. 23


This Week's Innovations in Annual Giving

Robert Burdenski, Principal, Robert Burdenski Annual Giving

I mean, this is the session for this track, isn’t it? From new tactics to tools, Bob’s presentation will be a perfect elective sessions’ cap to three brilliant days from CASE NAIS.

Speaking of emerging trends, if you'd like to talk more on the ways that Machine Learning and AI are impacting alumni engagement and fundraising, come say 'hi' here at #casenais or...

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