Donor Stewardship Needs to.... Steward?

The above is a fairly standard donor appreciation letter and therein lies the problem. I made a gift to a cancer research program at a top tier university and was very happy to do so. I made the gift because someone I respect very much brought the program to my attention. The opportunity to help a prestigious institution fight cancer coupled with the personal appeal made the gift pretty much automatic for me.

Then I get this letter that, apart from a line item at the end with the designation name, makes no reference to the great work this school is doing. This is a missed opportunity to be sure.

What's powerful is that this institution has written dozens of news items about the cancer research happening on campus. Should those news items be part of the stewardship and thank you process? You bet.

How can that kind of content get to me and other donors? My modest gift doesn't warrant a lot of dedicated time from a gift officer or the research team, so it comes down to automation. The QuadWrangle platform is able to not only understand all my giving behavior and other interests information, but it then can and will send me related news - like critical breakthrough research from the cancer program I gave to.

Here's exactly how that happens, as an example, in our QuadMail email solution:

What other ways are you stewarding all the amazing gifts you're receiving? Drop us a line to learn more and talk auto-personalized stewardship:

Nick Zeckets