Nelson Mandela and the Cause of Education

Nelson Mandela at Morehouse College  via WABE90.1

Nelson Mandela at Morehouse College via WABE90.1

Today is Nelson Mandela Day during which the world remembers Madiba's great legacy and reminds itself of his mission for equality. It gave us time here at QuadWrangle to think a bit on his impact and, specifically, how that resonates for education.

Indeed. Education is the greatest asset towards changing the world. It isn't just that education expands minds towards tolerance. It's also that education is ascendant. The more we learn, the more we earn. The more we learn, the longer we live. These are facts. Remarkable, powerful facts.

Sometimes all of us - even here on the QuadBlog - it can be easy to get into the weeds rather than in the tall cotton and lose a degree of vision of what we're all here to do. It's about education. It's about advancing access, quality and outcomes.

Of Mandela, Dr. Peter Rule once remarked, "Often when Mandela introduces a person he will talk about his education, or he will talk about what he learned from that person, whether a friend or an enemy. There’s a very specific emphasis on learning.”

The QuadWrangle team continues to be engrossed in the work, values and needs of our clients. They'll tell you, if you talk to them, that we evolve regularly at their behest. They educate us regularly and we endeavor to educate and support them on the promise of new technologies for alumni engagement and fundraising. All of us, when we are our best, must be learners.

Today we'll donate to The Nelson Mandela Foundation in hopes you will, too. Education is the high water on which all boats rise. Let's today show our support for Madiba's legacy and, tomorrow, return to building our own through impact to education.