Machine Learning, CASE Summit and Twitter

Many know us as the Machine Learning team - the AI crew. "Those Isaac guys." We are, indeed, those things. And we're nothing if not consistent.

While here at CASE Summit in sunny San Francisco, we've been tweeting heavily on the #CASESummit hashtag from @quadwrangleinc. In addition to our own tweets, a host of other social tech savvy advancement leaders have been sharing quotes, thoughts and morning salutations. Two of our favorites:

An image and tweet from Colby's Daniel Lugo

An image and tweet from Colby's Daniel Lugo

And another from Tim Hill, President of Blackbaud Education

And another from Tim Hill, President of Blackbaud Education

The tags from the top of this blog are, of course, thanks to our natural language engine. Yesterday we collectively, as a #CASESummit community, delivered 45K words of engagement on Twitter.

What really stood out? People. Tom Friedman, of course. Sarah Stein Greenberg, Andrew Carreaga, Sue Cunningham, Eric Snoek, Duane Bratt, George Romero, Bob Wolff and more. Two of the more entertaining concepts?

Both of the above are highly categorized as "TV." No comment (blame the science!).

Now, the higher level categorization is what's compelling here. What we have found when curating content, events, and fundraising appeals is that one single insight about someone - "swimmer," or "finance," or "teacher" - is rarely enough. The aggregate knowledge that "TV" as a concept has several reference points at CASE Summit is stickier.

Similarly, where we might not know, in abundance, that CASE Summit tweeters are into "TV," we might find a single news item talking about Tom Friedman/TV/philanthropy that, betwixt all those disparate concepts, adds up to a heckuva uniquely interesting news item for our community.

The same goes for how we recommend Calls To Action (read: Appeals) for alumni. Here's a screenshot from QuadHub, our client analytics and engagement management platform, looking at my profile:

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 2.24.57 PM.png

That section, "Recommended Calls to Action (1)," is unique to our platform. Based on all the things we know about Nick (yours truly), we're able to not only send him personalized feeds of university news, events and career connections, but also tell a prospect researcher or Development Officer that the fund I'm most likely to give to is towards STEM Scholarships.

I can't imagine, if you know I work for QuadWrangle where we live and breathe Machine Learning, that's terribly surprising. But how powerful is it that we know that about any alum based on the data in your database and their behavior on your website, your app and towards the emails that all are part of the QuadWrangle platform?

Come say 'hi' at CASE Summit (booth 20) to learn more or drop us a line at