The Semantics of #CASESummit

CASE Summit 2017 kicks off tomorrow (and already has for some of us). QuadWrangle, as we have for other events and do for all our partners like Furman, MIT, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Choate Rosemary Hall and others, is leveraging our expertise in Machine Learning to better understand the real nature of the conference; specifically, the words surround the conference.

As many of us are airborne to San Francisco and thinking about how we'll spend our time there, we decided to pass all the session descriptions through our Natural Language Processing platform to extract the most significant concepts.

It's no shock that, most heavily weighted at the top of the list, is Tom Friedman.

What does it mean that he's heavily weighted? Why Tom more than, say, Stanford, the Pulitzer or anything else?

Mostly, it's about the language surrounding Tom's bio and session description. Language gives context and meaning to concepts and when you look into Tom's language you see terms like, "bestselling," "big trends," "Pulitzer Prize," etc. That's why, even though the Pulitzer is a massively significant concept, Tom indexes higher - the Pulitzer is about Tom in this context.

Context is, indeed, everything. No where is that more true than in fundraising. While we're at CASE Summit, the team at QuadWrangle will be talking a lot about how language - like that in gift officer visit notes, your alumni database, social media profiles, and even alumni engagement email behavior - is remarkably powerful in revealing what really matters to a donor. In fact, our algorithms, led by our AI bot Isaac, have evolved so much that they can predict exactly which designation at your school each alum is most likely to give to.

Think that might drive success for your fundraisers? Come see us at CASE Summit 2017 to learn more.