Press Release: QuadWrangle Launches Newly Reinvented QuadMail 2.0

QuadWrangle Launches Newly Reinvented QuadMail 2.0

Higher education focused engagement platform brings new and improved features to users for easier, better, smarter email campaigns

BOSTON, Mass.—QuadWrangle, the first automated engagement platform designed exclusively for education, has launched the newest version of its email marketing tool, QuadMail. QuadMail 2.0 features powerful, easy-to-use design capabilities, email campaign scheduling tools, behavioral triggers and detailed performance reports. This newly reinvented tool is included with the QuadWrangle platform’s suite of services, which aim to revolutionize the way that higher education institutions understand and execute their capital campaigns.

QuadMail 2.0 offers design, content, and analytical features including:

  • Automated curation for engaging newsletters tailored to each individual alumni user's personal interests
  • WYSIWYG Editor that alleviates the need for knowledge of coding or HTML using a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Photo editing that makes cropping, resizing and filtering a cinch with no need to leave the interface or purchase additional software
  • Automatic behavior triggers to manage email stops, follow-ups and unsubscribes
  • Responsive email design that responds to the device and email platform the campaign is being viewed on
  • Real-time result reporting with data on opens, bounces and unsubscribes for single emails or for entire campaigns

Isaac, the personified advanced artificial intelligence that powers all of QuadWrangle’s solutions, is what allows users to create emails with tailored content for each stakeholder. Brought to life as a robotic assistant, Isaac applies a “market of one” strategy to thousands of alumni by predicting which calls to action and which funds an individual will most likely respond to. Isaac’s dynamic machine learning can be witnessed beyond QuadMail. Powered by IBM’s Watson, Isaac also automates and personalizes online giving, event management, ticketing, content management, directory building, the ClassRing™ Career Network Tool, ClassNotes, analytics and list development.

“Email marketing can be a source of stress for fundraisers, as it often requires more time, money and expertise than available,” said Nick Zeckets, chief executive office and co-founder of QuadWrangle. “QuadMail 2.0 works easier, better and smarter for our users, creating dynamic email marketing campaigns that are truly unique for every stakeholder who receives them. This eliminates worry, increases effectiveness, and makes a complicated task simple for the institutions that are harnessing the power of our product.”

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About Quadwrangle, Inc.

Founded in 2013 in Boston, Mass., QuadWrangle, Inc. is a complete alumni-centric engagement suite. Designed exclusively for users in education, QuadWrangle seeks to empower fundraisers at higher education institutions to work Easier. Better. Smarter. Using Isaac, an advanced artificial intelligence powered by IBM’s Watson, QuadWrangle is revolutionizing alumni engagement and fundraising by automating key processes, personalizing content, and improving efficiency. For more information about QuadWrangle or to request a demo, visit Follow QuadWrangle on Twitter and Facebook.

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