On DRIVE's Eve, the Semantics of Fundraising Data

Last night was the unofficial start of CASE's DRIVE/ conference. As hundreds of fundraising data scientists descended upon Bellevue, WA, buzz started building on Twitter with the hashtag #caseDRIVE.

We ran the last 24 hours' tweets through Isaac, QuadWrangle's machine learning bot charged with curating university news to alumni and telling gift officers what designation a donor is most likely to give to.

What concepts emerged from those tweets?

Places like Seattle where we all are together and Boston, QuadWrangle's headquarters (along with our office in Charleston, SC).

The topics were of real interest to us:

  • Visualization
  • Higher education
  • Regression analysis
  • Data
  • Artificial Intelligence

That's all core to what this conference is about.

Today at 12:30 PT come join us in Evergreen 1 (home to all of DRIVE/'s exhibitors) for a talk on how machine learning, data and AI are increasing donor engagement and empowering remarkably smarter fundraising.

Nick Zecketsdrive17