A Natural Language Analysis of DRIVE/ Day 1

Data, AI, and People Lead

DRIVE/ is a fast conference, it seems, and we've been consumed by incredible conversations. Remarkably, Twitter has given a colorful view of the conference's first day and so, as we had done on historical analyses of DRIVE tweets before the event, we've analyzed all of yesterday's engagement in our natural language engine.

Here are key terms that stood out:

  • natural language
  • social media
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Princeton
  • Scientist
  • Data Warehouse
  • IBM Watson
  • BI
  • Collaboration tools
  • Data analysis
  • Data governance

And some people really shined:

  • Mark Koenig of Oregon State
  • Ashutosh Nandeshwar of USC
  • Chris Sorenson (hail the founder!)
  • Karen Latora

As always, this conference is about the combination of data, advanced analytics, and people. We'll be talking again at DRIVE today at 8:40 in Evergreen for folks who can join. And if you want to know more about how it is that QuadWrangle makes Machine Learning work for advancement to increase engagement with your people and success in your fundraising, grab time with me for a demo when we're all back in seat.

Nick Zecketsdrive17