Data Visualization is (Almost) Dead

Data that Tells Is Being Replaced by Data that Does

We're constantly hearing our partners and the industry talk about wanting to make data more visually accessible. "How do we present this data to a major gift officer?"

Well, you don't.

QuadWrangle has been making this point for a few years now and takes a lot of pride in delivering on the first generation of proscriptive insights.

What are proscriptive insights?

Fair question. This is what we mean by "data that tells." And, honestly, data right now doesn't really tell most data consumers very much. If you hand a rich data visualization of a prospect portfolio to a major gift officer, what are the chances he or she changes what they'll do tomorrow towards that portfolio? Will they make different asks? Prioritize different donors? Scour the institution's news to find references to key topics of interest to one of those donors?

Probably not. And that's not the MGO's fault. It's the data's fault for being in a "tell state" rather than a "do state."

Proscriptive insights are those that take data to the point of value delivery. For example, our QuadMail platform uses artificial intelligence to deliver wholly personalized content from their alma mater right to their inbox without anyone at the school doing anything new. It doesn't tell a communications officer: "hey, here are a few things this group of people cares about - now go write a segmented email." Nope. It just does what needs to be done. It goes all the way through the point of value delivery.

Now, there is no doubt that major donors want to have a human relationship guiding them as they look to where they'd like to invest their financial gift and it's highly unlikely that AI will ever deliver total value delivery right on through to the major donor. However, what if a gift officer knew exactly what to ask someone to donate to?

We do that here:

What you see above there is a view of my profile in QuadHub for one of our partners. You'll see that it suggests two specific calls to action - appeals that, thanks to all the platform knows about my engagement history, giving history, and even social media use, are highly likely to appeal to me. And, yes, they really, really do.

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