A Rich Semantic Analysis of DRIVE/'s Sessions

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Titles, Vendors + Key Concepts on Stage at DRIVE/ 2017

As we did with our recent blog post on the semantics of all of @DRIVExchange's historical tweets, we have processed all of the speaker sessions during DRIVE/ 2017 through QuadWrangle's semantic engine to extract the key concepts of this year's event.

Senior folks, it would seem, are leading thinkers in our space, as are anchor vendors like Blackbaud, Ruffalo Noel Levitz, and Tableau. Most telling are the subjects we'll be collectively considering when we all get together in Bellevue:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Datasets
  • Prospect development
  • Technology
  • Data mining
  • Data visualization

It's all about getting the right data to solve real needs and then making that data not only insightful, but obvious.

That's exactly why QuadWrangle is so proscriptive and instantly actionable with insights. Datasets are commoditized. Heck - even visualization is commoditized. What do your analytics do? If the answer is, "help..." then they aren't actually doing anything. Here, we tell event officers where to have their next event and around what topic. We let gift officers know exactly what to ask a donor to donate to. Our email platform even sends wholly personalized emails to each constituent automatically.

Data cannot tell. Data has to do. We're looking forward to seeing everyone at DRIVE/ in Washington state to dig more deeply into the topic of "data that does."

Nick Zecketsdrive17