"This" - A Social Network Allowing One Post/Day - What's Our Takeaway?

The newest social network entrant is called "This." Before we get into a Laurel and Hardy skit, again, let me repeat. The name of the social network is "This."

For a full primer on the new network, check out this solid article from PandoDaily.

Here's the 30K foot view on This. - each user can post ONE thing each day. The theory is that places like Facebook are flooded with noise and that if everyone could only share ONE post, they'd be far more thoughtful about what they curate to their networks. The underlying theory is that This. will solve the signal to noise ratio issue found on every other social network.

What do we care as alumni engagement professionals?

This. didn't evolve from thin air. It's not some random shot in the dark. It's based on a dark reality that most social networks are so overrun with unfettered content that it all just blends in. Does this sound like any of your alumni communications?

Many of our offices send 10, 15, or even 20 email blasts each month to alumni with half a dozen messages alongside Facebook group posts, tweets, LinkedIn page posts, snail mail, and more. We estimate the average alumni office sends out a combined 147,000 words of communications towards the average addressable alum each year. That's about 20% longer than "Pride and Prejudice." Oh, and that doesn't count the alumni magazine which nearly doubles that word count.

The takeaway, then, is that less is more as long as it reaches our alumni. That second bit is just as critical. Are you in touch with them? Does the reach requirement drive us to spread our messages across all the channels that we do? How do we balance reach vs. noise? How, too, do we make sure our alumni what the really important messages are to focus on?

Clearly there's a curation mandate, but, again, how do you do that? How does your office get the right message to the right people in the right place so that they give it the attention is deserves?

Let us know your tactics in the comments below!

Nick Zeckets