Social Media: The Alumni Relations Mandate

In May of this year, Lee Rainie of The Pew Internet and American Life Project proclaimed that "technology has pushed the move to networked individualism into overdrive."

What does that mean?

When 77% of college grads have a smartphone, are overwhelmingly on social media, and messaging is all personalized, what we're forced to address is the fact that our alumni are going to seek out personal entrees to giving to our very large, diverse institutions and that, as donors take ownership of why they are giving, they'll do more for our efforts than we could ever hope or imagine just a few years ago.

So, there's a mandate to get beyond our legacy communication tools like mail, phone and email to connect with our alumni in very personal ways. Social media is a wonderful place to do *some* of that. However, engagement there (or anywhere) is not a once a week or even once a day affair. It is constant.

How, then, are you covering all that your school has to offer, personalizing it, and driving engagement and giving whereby alumni will take ownership of their own path?

Nick Zeckets