QuadWrangle: 13,260. New York Times: Zero

Earlier this week we were excited to share the great news that alumni users of our partners' QuadWrangle mobile apps have consumed over 1.5MM news items about their alma maters. And that we'd seen so much consumption of school news thanks to the power of personalization that it was as if the whole of a small city read all of the The New York Times.

Today was our most prolific day for personalization in QuadWrangle's history. We curated 13,260 news items from across our partner schools to their thousands of alumni app users. Do you know how  many news items The New York Times picked for each of their readers today?


Now, of course, the NYT is an amazing paper - fantastic journalism, excellent editing, and the kind of daily audience that even the world's best read websites salivate for. But their readership is waning as more and more folks shift to the web where competition is fierce for our limited reading time.

What our partners' many alumni are proving, in that wildly competitive sea of content, is that personalization is the key. It is the key to engagement and, what's more, to context. We're very proud of our clients and all the great work they do and how well they write about that great work - research, sports, new programs, scholarships - it's all meaningful to the right person.


Nick Zeckets