How Parenting is an Alumni Social Media Topic


Last week, we released our Alumni Social Media Playbook with great, data-driven tactical insights on what kinds of content to post to which network and when. It's a powerful strategic resource and you can leverage it to design clever social media engagement plans for your alumni. Here's one for you: parenting.



There are 22 Million college grads in the US with kids under the age of 18. That's nearly a fourth of all your grads for whom parenting is a core topic. And, guess what, parenting/kids is even more popular of a topic on Facebook than technology.

Schools are rich in diverse content, so connecting your alumni to that content is a big win (if you can tease it all out). You might not be able to curate your content every day to every alum, but you can hit some shared highlights. Parenting is one of those. Let me share some examples of how to put the parenting subject in action based upon my own alma mater, The University of Arizona (go Cats!):

  1. If you have a kid, there are a few topics you stress about. Bullying is one of them. My own alma mater has been doing research and work out of our Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences on this very topic. I trust UofA and I love knowing they're working on this topic. Share good work like that to Facebook on Saturday or Sunday between 1 and 4 PM to increase engagement and speak to your alumni when they're amongst family.
  2. Phases and Stages! - It seems every month my kid is into something new and seemingly wholly evolved from the month prior. It's dizzying! BUT, the UofA's School of Agriculture created an amazing document that is hyper social-shareable on the stages kids go through developmentally. I'd love to see this posted to Twitter or Facebook on Friday during lunch.
  3. Amazing! The UofA has a youth financial literacy platform that is FREE. VALUE_ADD. First, I'm a bit frustrated I didn't know about this. Second, again, super duper social. I'd share this to LinkedIn in the middle of any day and to Facebook and Twitter on the weekends.
  4. The UofA has a sports fan club just for kids called the KidCats club. It has 574 Facebook fans. This, to me, is untapped awesomeness. It's a great page to share on Facebook in the early evenings during the week to alumni to get their kids involved. And, hey, it might just boost applications!

As always, social media isn't mysterious. It's human. You just have to figure out what your goals are, look to when you can maximize the output against those goals (and where), and pull the content in.

So, get out there and start talking to people like something other than alumni - they're sports enthusiasts, tech geeks and, yes, PARENTS.

Nick Zeckets