Hey, New Grads: You're, um...

A while ago, Robert De Niro spoke to NYU's Tisch graduating class.  It's 16 minutes of genius, hilarity and knowledge. Watch it. The opening of his speech really set the tone: “You made it — and, you’re f*&%ed.”

Towards the end of De Niro's speech he shares the real wisdom that all of us as alumni supporters and engagers can draw on:

“Treasure the associations and friendships and working relationships with the people in your classes and your early work. You never know what might come from it."

He's talking about alumni communities. He's talking about the truth that a strong and well maintained alumni network can make the difference in someone's career.

So, are new grads, uh, screwed? Not when they're heavily involved with their alumni community. Thousands of folks ascending beyond graduation day together have an unfair advantage over anyone operating alone. The trick, of course, is giving alumni the tools they need to leverage being a grad of their alma mater.

Starting grads on that track before graduation is such a powerful start for them and for your ongoing engagement goals. How do you get your newly-minted alumni tapped in before leaving campus?

Nick Zeckets