Engineering + Alumni Engagement

A couple weeks back we published our Alumni Social Media Playbook with clear tactics on when, where and with what content to engage alumni via social media. Since then, hundreds of schools have downloaded the resource and we've been writing about use cases here on what you can do with those insights.

Today, I'd like to talk about how your engineering program, students and faculty is a big opportunity for alumni engagement.

It may not come as a surprise, but technology is one of the most actively engaged with topics on Facebook,, the 2nd most engaged with topic on LinkedIn and #3 on Twitter. When we think of tech, perhaps we think about the latest news from Apple or Google, but how about what your engineering program is up to? As before, I'll use my amazing alma mater, The University of Arizona, to evidence the power of an engineering department's content to engage alumni over social media:

Frankly, the UofA has been a leader in space exploration for a long time - since well before I was there and ever since. Recently, they did something incredibly cool - they created 3D images of Mars with the orbiter they have above Mars' surface. Yes, you read that correctly. 'Zona has 3D pics of Mars. That_Is_Amazing. We'd suggest cross posting this news to all three major social networks as part of a week of amazing UofA tech with, even, a Twitter chat with the team that runs the orbiter project.

There are very few education initiatives more important than STEM education; save, perhaps, for WOMEN in STEM. The UofA has an impressive program called WISE (Women In Science and Technology). Here's a great news item out of that program. Admittedly, the organization has been content-dormant for over a year. I'd really encourage that team to speak louder and more often about the incredible work they're doing. Why? Because people really care about this kind of work and need to know (and want to know). Because Pinterest over-indexes on Millennial and GenX women users, we'd suggest adding to the core slate of social networks a great range of visual accounts of the fantastic work that WISE is doing. Go Cats!

Everyone these days seems to be talking about drones. Well, guess what? The UofA has a Micro Air Vehicles Laboratory. This is another instance of me and thousands of alumni wanting to geek out. Do you know how I found out about it? By doing a deep search into the sub pages of the Engineering Department's website. Very few folks are doing that. However, they're RICH with social content having created videos on Vimeo of some of their designs.

To summarize: your STEM students are incredible folks doing things that your alumni, regardless of their major or career, find interesting. Share their successes!

Nick Zeckets