We're excited to announce that the QuadWrangle platform, for it's thousands of alumni users across our partner schools, has seen 1.5 Million news items read. It's as if 120,000 people read every front page article of today's New York Times.

And the news items read are higher every day than the day before. Why are so many alumni reading so much more about their alma maters on our platform? In a word, personalization.

That's always been the key premise at QuadWrangle - get alumni connected to what they're passionate about and they'll dig in. And all of you have endeavored to do that your entire careers. Personalization is not a new idea. It's just been far too big a task until we sat down four years ago and conceived of our patented curation engine. We're just so thrilled that all the hard work, innovation, late nights, millions of lines of code, and school partner guidance has come to life and doing just what we set out to do: drive meaningful engagement at an unprecedented depth.

To all of you who have helped us along the way: THANK YOU! We all have reason to celebrate!

Nick Zeckets