Product Release Notes: April 2018 Edition



Check out this recap of new features and enhancements to our Events Management and QuadMail products over the month of April. We think you'll agree each improvement boosts the flexibility of the platform.  

Set it and forget it! (your ticket expiration date) 

 To accommodate early bird specials and other methods of time-based tiered pricing for event tickets, we added an "Expiration Date" to event tickets. Assign an expiration to your ticket and it will disappear from QuadWeb at the designated time. 

** Unlike when reaching the inventory limit for a ticket, the ticket will actually be removed from QuadWeb at the time of expiration. No "Sold Out" message will appear. 


Let your constituents know exactly what they're unsubscribing from

We hold strong to our belief that when presented with all campaign subscription options available, constituents only end up unsubscribing from more things (too many choices = bad). That being said, we do think constituents should know exactly what they are unsubscribing from to safe-guard against opting-out from all emails in confusion. So, we added a new "Display Name" feature.   

Now after supplying the internal naming convention you can assign an external "Display Name" to be seen on the unsubscribe screen. Based on the example below, it will show "Would you like to unsubscribe from Annual Alumni BBQ Invite and Reminders" rather than "Would you like to unsubscribe from this campaign?"


Edit Form Submissions within QuadHub instead of the export file

We know it's not a "once in a blue moon" occasion that a constituent calls or emails with needed changes to information provided in a form submission, gift made, or event registration.  Or, maybe you just often notice errors you wish to correct on their behalf. 

Either way, you can now edit any field values submitted through the forms tool. All changed values will propagate to their correct place in QuadHub (if a gift or event registration form) and are available for CSV download. 


Process upgrade for adding, editing, and removing tickets from Live events

In order to streamline the ticket editing process and solve reporting confusion for altered tickets, we made tickets behave almost exactly like email templates with ticket price being the only unchangeable field. You'll rarely need to leave the Event Detail screen to make ticket changes.

What's different? 

  1. After an event has been set "Live," tickets on that event can no longer be deleted. This has been replaced with the "Disable Ticket" feature. 
  2. All ticket fields were added to the "Edit Ticket" screen, so you no longer need to delete and re-add edited tickets.

"Clear Payment Processor" option

Related to the process upgrade for editing tickets highlighted above, you will find a new "Clear Payment Processor" option if you ever disable all of the tickets on an event. This is because the message "Tickets for this event have sold out or are unavailable at this time" will appear in QuadWeb if all tickets are disabled from a Live event. To remove this message and transition an event from ticketed to the RSVP-only feature, simply click the "Clear Payment Processor" button. 


Have any questions or want to see a demo of any of these new features? Drop Haley Zwecker an email at

Haley Zwecker