Product Release Notes: January 2018 Edition



Check out our first set of product improvements and new features of 2018. Key highlights include major enhancements to the alumni directory, which now has unlimited displayable information fields. Read the rest of our highlights below! 

Spice up your emails with video content

Now embed videos directly into your emails. We support Youtube and Vimeo, so just copy and paste the URL into the editor. As always, no extra HTML or formatting are required. 

email_video .png

Directory 2.0: unlimited information fields + screen by screen customization

Our newest additions to the directory give you control over what information appears in directory search results and each type of profile screen. Check out the grid below (exists in your Admin Tools) to see the different screen options for Public vs. Private and Active vs. NonActive. 


Create your own directory results' and profile fields

Though we now offer all biographical constituent record info as field options, we also gave you the freedom to create your own fields. The same screen by screen customizability as for the standard fields apply. 


Easy to read error log of transactions

 To give you a better view of the transaction activity on your website, we added the Transaction Log to report any gift or event ticket transaction errors and their reason. If a constituent reaches out for support, check the Transaction Log first to know if the issue was simply user error or Payment Processor/Network related.


New Total Number of Constituents Engagement Metric

 Know just how many constituents you are touching with all pieces of the QuadWrangle platform: QuadMail, QuadWeb, and QuadMobile. This new engagement metric includes all constituents who have completed at least ONE of the following: 

  • Opened an email

  • Read a news item

  • RSVP'd to an event

  • Shared a content item to a social network

  • Created a ClassRing, Meetup, or ClassNote



Control the sender address for each system email

Don't worry about having to pick one sender address for both event ticket and receipt emails. Now select the sender address for all automated system emails, and all constituent responses to these emails will go to the inbox of the assigned sender address. We recommend creating a new email address just for ClassRing notifications.


No more blank required form responses

 We found that website users were able to skip over required form fields by entering blank spaces. We made changes to ensure this is no longer possible.


Campaigns no longer fail silently if no send time is set

Campaigns weren't saving if you ever forgot to schedule a send time. Now the do!


Personalize on-screen ticket confirmation messages for all users

Website users now can always see a personalized confirmation message after purchasing event tickets, even when they aren't logged-in.


Download aggregate CSV of outcome reporting for email opens and clicks

This new reporting feature lets you export lists of all email opens or clicks across all campaigns and is filterable by date. Each entry in the CSV will have: 

  • Record ID, Name, Email Address, and Affiliation
  • Campaign Name
  • Email Open/Click Date and Time

Have any questions or want to see a demo of any of these new features? Drop Haley Zwecker an email at

Haley Zwecker