When To Use a Drip Campaign and With Whom?

According to the folks at Salesforce.com (and knowledge that's been shown for years by every advertising study ever), it takes 6-8 impressions of a single message to turn someone into a qualified lead.


If your alumni e-communications follow the norm, you're likely touching a lot of inboxes much more than 8 times per alum every year, but how many of any of those emails were about one message?

This is where drip campaigns are your friend. We recently talked about what drip campaigns are, but, as a one liner: it's a series of communications about the same core message that might change or stop based on how an alum responds (or doesn't) to any message in that campaign.


What are the reasons to use a drip campaign?

  • A set of donors have visited a giving page, but not made a gift
  • Someone has joined your online community
  • A donor showed strong interest in a topic important to your institution
  • The list is really endless

Fundamentally, drip campaigns are triggered by someone doing something (making a gift) or being something (Class of 2007).

The most common example of drip campaigns in our collective world are days of giving, but the reality is they should be at the core of everything you're doing.

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Nick Zeckets