AASP Preview: The Early Buzz


AASP's annual conference is back and we couldn't be more excited here at QuadWrangle to head back to the Windy City. The best thing each year is, of course, the community coming together - likeminded folks dedicated to leveraging data and technology to advance their non-profit missions. AASP is, after all, about the people.

Every double 'A' S P'er

Every double 'A' S P'er

And the community, for 2017, is coming to Chicago with rich ideas and best practices. Here are a few sessions we're really looking forward to on Day 1:


Jennifer Mulholland and Jeff Shuck will be talking about "The Big Data of Life: Listening to the Information All Around Us." What's compelling is that while this session suggests that we're blinded by quantitative data, there is qualitative data all around us that vastly outweighs the quant. We couldn't agree more - it's the reason Natural Language Processing is such a big opportunity in fundraising and donor engagement.


David Lawson is sharing "Cognitive Computing: How Big Data Becomes Big Insights." Well, count us in (see a theme here?)! We've known and respected David a long while and believe his new book, "Big Good," will help to shape the next generation of fundraising. Data has been big a long while now. The trick is developing repeatable ways to put that data to work. As David will discuss, Natural Language Processing is key to that scalable repeatability and we wouldn't miss the session for the world.


Rowena Montoya is leading a talk on "Agile Change Management for a System Conversion." #AwesomeSauce. It is remarkable how much is assumed by non-agile development and project methodologies. As the axiom goes, "if you wait till it's perfect, you'll be waiting forever." We're a big agile shop here at QuadWrangle with bi-weekly development sprints that include new feature launches every single sprint. We're excited to hear how Rowena led that approach for UCSF and learn from her large scale Salesforce.com implementation.

What are you looking forward to?

If one of your answers is: "talking automated personalization and Natural Language insights...." click the button below to grab time with us during AASP:

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