Donor Stewardship Needs to.... Steward?

After making a gift to a school's cancer research program, I got a nebulous thank you email. Isn't personalized stewardship key to my next gift? Learn more about how personalization can automatically increase donor affinity following giving.

Nick Zeckets
Curating MIT for Tom Friedman

We pretended Tom Friedman, the renowned international columnist for The New York Times and author of groundbreaking works like "The World Is Flat," was a MIT alum and looked at what the system would curate for him. Read on to learn more.

The Semantics of #CASESummit

The QuadWrangle team is headed to San Francisco for CASE Summit 2017. En route, we scanned the session language to have our Machine Learning solution extract the key concepts in play for us all. Read on to find out how that same science makes fundraisers more effective.