How Would You Steward Jeff Bezos?

When a major donor asks how to make the best impact with billions of dollars, you have time and the mandate to really dig in and make the connection. But how does that happen for those who don't cross your major gift capacity bar?

Nick Zeckets
Why the Slowdown in Giving to EDU?

Giving USA's key annual report told a story of nearly flat growth in giving for 2016. And for education, after two years of 8.4% and 9% growth in donations to education, 2016 saw only an increase of 2.3%. Compared to all other non-profit sectors, only religious entities saw slower growth in giving than education.

Is hyper targeted planned giving the trick to a durable and significant uptick in dollars? Read on!

Nick Zeckets
Driving "Viral" Giving via Anonymous Donations

Anonymous gifts are, first and foremost, incredibly generous. They do, though, pose the question of how a team might support new giving as a result of those anonymous gifts. Can it be done? With Machine Learning, it sure can.

Nick Zeckets
DRIVE/: A Retrospective

DRIVE/ 2017 was all about two key themes: tech and people. Or, more so, tech-enabled people. It's a vision we're all pursuing in advancement and, in this post, share some thoughts on what the road ahead looks like.

On DRIVE's Eve, the Semantics of Fundraising Data

Last night was the unofficial start of CASE's DRIVE/ conference. As hundreds of fundraising data scientists descended upon Bellevue, WA, buzz started building on Twitter with the hashtag #caseDRIVE.

We ran the last 24 hours' tweets through Isaac, QuadWrangle's machine learning bot charged with curating university news to alumni and telling gift officers what designation a donor is most likely to give to.

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Data Visualization is (Almost) Dead

Could it be that seeing data is no longer the goal, but that data *doing* real work without visual consideration is the future of engagement and fundraising? Read on to understand why we think that "data that does" is poised to replace "data that tells."

Nick Zecketsdrive17