Know more, engage more, raise more with most innovative alumni engagement platform

More engagement.
More insights.
More donations.

QuadWrangle is more than an alumni website. More than an alumni app. More than an alumni e-mail creator.

It’s the first comprehensive marketing automation platform designed exclusively for alumni fundraising.

Drive more engagement, more insights, and more donations with the smartest and most comprehensive suite of tools available today.


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Leading schools across the United States have been achieving more with QuadWrangle since 2011.

One platform with all of the tools and brains you need.

QuadWrangle integrates EVERYTHING you need for a successful fundraising program into one single platform. Alumni website. Mobile app. Broadcast email. Events. Landing pages. Online giving. Donor analytics. All of your fundraising needs are covered end-to-end.

And they’re all managed by Isaac™, the only IBM Watson-powered AI designed to make a gift officer’s life easier, smarter, and better.


Break the walls down.

A university has no shortage of services at its disposal from Marketo to MailChimp to Eventbrite. While they’re (almost) all great at their specific task, you’re still stuck jumping from app to app to manage a single campaign for thousands of users. Isaac tears all those silos down. See if an alum clicked a story, attended an event, or even abandoned a shopping cart all on one screen. Create a giving page and connect it to an e-mail campaign with one click. Build actual measurable, scalable synergy between fundraising and engagement with just one platform.

Automate your way to success.

Isaac™ is more than just an artificial intelligence. Think of him as your Automator-in-Chief. He automatically constructs individual, highly-sophisticated alumni profiles based on each alum’s social media activity, platform activity, and information your university database. He doesn’t stop there. He then creates individual marketing campaigns complete with the newsfeed content, events, giving pages, and calls to action tailored to that alum’s unique profile and interests.