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More engagement.
More insights.
More donations.
Less work.

See 3X the results!

Schools report a three-fold increase in donations after adopting QuadWrangle.

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Smart schools across the country engage more alumni with QuadWrangle each day.

Connect with an alumnus over what's truly important to that person. Automatically and at-scale.

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  • Meet Karen '14

    Karen is a medical researcher now living in New York City. She is passionate about dance and frequently attends local networking events.

  • Meet Isaac™

    Isaac™ is the artificial intelligence behind QuadWrangle. He learns this about Karen through your alumni database and her social media activity.

  • Engaging Karen

    Isaac curates newsletters, newsfeeds, invitations, and more directly around Karen's unique profile and personality. The end result: Karen gets news that's more relevant to her and stays even more engaged with your school.

It's truly market-of-one technology designed exclusively for higher education.


Isaac's advanced artificial intelligence and automation abilities saves you time and effort across any number of engagement activities.

Isaac's advanced artificial intelligence and automation abilities saves you time and effort across any number of engagement activities.

We said less work for you. And we meant it.

Isaac™ is the team member you've always dreamed of. Why? Because he does of the busywork for you. Here are just a few things Isaac™ can do for you:

  • Curate a personalized newsfeed for each individual alumnus based on what he or she is passionate about
  • Create and send event invitations to the alumni that are most likely to attend
  • Match an alumnus job-seeker with an alumnus employer
  • Predict which funds and calls to action have the most appeal to an alumnus
  • Process online donations and ticket payments and send complete donor receipts

Oh, and, you'll never have to write an alumni newsletter again. We thought you'd really like that one.



All of the tools you need on one platform.

QuadWrangle integrates everything you need for successful fundraising on one platform.

Stop jumping from app to app. 
See if an alum clicked a link, attended an event, or abandoned a shopping cart all on one screen.

No more silos.
All QuadWrangle tools work seamlessly together. Never worry about cross-app compatibility ever again.

Learn one system only.
Multiple apps means learning multiple systems. With QuadWrangle, consolidate your training time.

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Don't just see engagement results—measure them.

For the first time ever, you can actually measure engagement success. QuadWrangle's advanced metrics lets you quantify just how much your team is generating directly from online engagement. See how effective your campaigns are and share the great results with key university leadership and budget gatekeepers.


Our organization had a small window of time prior to our launch date so QuadWrangle knew that time and communication were critical. They did not let us down. Their attention to detail, training, and stakeholder communication were top notch. Each day brings about continued growth as QW continues to coordinate and communicate with us to meet our needs well beyond launch. We are very happy with our partnership and look forward to all of the wonderful advances this platform will bring to our entire university!
— Courtney Hennis, Associate Director of Alumni Relations