Keep scrolling to see how two minutes of work can change an entire generation of students

  • Create a dedicated page

    The Class of 1986 wants to endow a professorship in biology. You spend two minutes creating a dedicated giving page in QuadHub.

  • Isaac™ builds a "smart" list

    QuadWrangle's artificial intelligence automatically creates a list of the alumni most likely to give, such as Class of '86 members, current scientists, and biology majors.

  • Isaac reaches out.

    Isaac launches an e-mail campaign to all list members, directing them to the dedicated giving page. Additionally, he includes specific CTAs on their newsletters and newsfeeds.

  • Isaac takes care of the paperwork.

    As donations pour in, Isaac processes the payments. He automatically sends receipts and thank you e-mails to all donors.

  • Challenge launched.

    Inspired by the growing endowment, an alumnus can respond to the thank you note and issue a match challenge.

  • Challenge accepted.

    The dedicated giving page is updated to include a goal meter and deadline. A second e-mail push is sent to all list members that have not given yet.

Challenge won!

The challenge inspires a new wave of giving, pushing the dedicated giving page to its goal. Your school welcomes its new biology professor in fall.

Easy to setup

Rich insights into who is giving and just visiting

Automated gift receipts

Social sharing on every giving page

Automated donor honor roll

Payroll giving

Use any payment processor you choose