Party smarter, not harder.

Event management is arguably the most complex delivery of value to alumni for any institution. Preparation requires rich analytics and marketing planning. Followed by the development of powerful content, communications, and outreach. Day (or days) of execution is a fast-paced beast in its own right, requiring events leaders to constantly switch mindsets and work flows. Then it’s all about follow up and ongoing engagement so that the next event, and each one thereafter, is even better and, yes, smarter than before.

At QuadWrangle, we’ve made the bustle easier, the insight better, and the experience — for schools and alumni — smarter.

Make event planning and management easier, better, and smarter.


  • Create an event in seconds with our easy-to-use creator.

  • Report on complex events like a reunion with a high-level view that can be drilled into for specific sub-events

  • Let alumni check themselves in with their own alumni apps or

  • Use our handy event manager’s app to check people in on the fly even scanning a QR code in the event confirmation email


  • Use a seamless ticketing process — Isaac automatically process payments, issues tickets, and sends receipts. QuadWrangle can even include have a donation built into a ticket purchase.

  • Create marketing lists in seconds and send engaging event emails with QuadMail

  • Let alumni see who else has checked into an event and how they can help each other and what they share in common


  • Create the right event for the right market — Draw a radius on a map in QuadHub and Isaac finds all nearby alumni, reports on their common interests, and more. Now you can program events knowing the topic is of wide interest to physically clustered alumni.

  • Get real-time event data — know in real time who attended, no showed, and revenues for an event

  • Automatically curate events to those close to the venue in advance and all the way up to the day of.