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About QuadWrangle

Co-founder Nick Zeckets was working in the advertising world in 2011. On one business trip, he reconnected with his 8th grade science teacher over a beer -- a surreal experience especially since Nick hadn't seen his teacher since he was 18. The reunion sparked a thought:

"Man, we're out of touch with our school."

It turns out, a lot of alumni are out of touch. Sure, social media had expanded everyone's capability to connect with former classmates, but their alma maters weren’t part of that engagement. They weren’t able to keep delivering value to their alumni. Engagement was dropping and alumni were giving back less and less often. Nick started asking clients and friends in higher education about how big of a problem it was -- and, well, you all know that story. He partnered up with David Palmer, a leading tech developer and entrepreneur, and the two combined their talents as technologists, researchers and brand creatives. They asked alumni:

Why aren’t you giving? Why would you? Why have you? What do you want and need?

And then they got to work.

After listening to the frustrations of both schools and alumni, they came up with the idea for an artificially-intelligent platform to create personalized engagement. QuadWrangle was born. Six years later, thanks to hundreds of visionary clients, technology partners, alumni advisers, and, yes, friends and family, QuadWrangle is the easiest, best and smartest engagement platform ever developed exclusively for education.


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