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The first automated engagement platform designed exclusively for education.


Easier. Better. Smarter.

Thanks to Isaac, powered by IBM Watson, key processes are automated, engagement is personalized, and the time to value for fundraisers shortens.

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Join the institutions that are revolutionizing alumni engagement and fundraising with QuadWrangle.


QuadWrangle is a complete alumni-centric engagement suite.


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Rich Web Experience

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QuadWrangle makes alumni engagement and fundraising...

 QuadMail's drag-and-drop  interface makes e-mail creation a snap!


  • Create a segmented email list in seconds.

  • Build an email template by dragging and dropping.

  • Launch an event page with ticketing in under 90 seconds.



  • Preset a multi-email campaign to stop sending once someone clicks through.

  • Check attendees into events with an event manager’s app.

  • Give donors dedicated giving pages and automated donor honor rolls.



  • Know which fund an individual alum is most likely to give to and automatically create a targeted CTA.

  • Program events by seeing what interests alumni share in a geographic area.

  • Let alumni create their own meetups and check-in to events to see affinities shared with other attendees.

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QuadWrangle's rich features will let you do more in a day than you ever thought possible.

Online Giving
Events Management
Content Management
Engagement Personalization
ClassRing™ Career

Network Tool

Marketing Automation
Engagement Analytics
Donor Analytics
Predictive Designation Analytics
List Development

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