Isaac is the brains behind QuadWrangle.

QuadWrangle is the first automated engagement platform designed exclusively for higher education. It includes:



Your custom-branded mobile app for alumni users. Alumni use it for university newsfeeds, events, networking opportunities, and more.


Your custom-branded desktop portal for alumni users. In addition to featuring the same content as QuadMobile, it adds giving pages and event ticketing options.



Your desktop email marketing tool. Create curated newsletters, calls to action, and other email outreach in minutes. Click here to go in-depth with QuadMail.



Your alumni staff's desktop analytics center for deep data and automated insights into your alumni and their platform/social media activity.



Isaac's artificial intelligence sees how your alumni users engage across the platform and social media.

Isaac automatically generates insights, analysis and content tailored to each individual. Create a "true market-of-one" strategy.

Isaac's artificial intelligence takes your alumni relations program into the future. His big brain learns as much as he can about each one of your alumni, generates marketing insights and recommendations, and develops personalized alumni content tailored to each person's individual tastes.

He observes.

Isaac automatically learns about each individual alumni member as he or she interacts with the QuadWrangle platform, alumni marketing emails, and across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

He analyzes.

Isaac turns that data into actionable insights for your team. For example, he predicts which funds, calls to action an individual user is most likely to respond to based on platform and social media activity.

He executes.

Isaac automatically creates custom content for each individual alum. He curates news feeds and email newsletters with content tailored to each user’s unique tastes. He even networks alumni based on interests, career goals, and more.

GIFT OFFICERS LOVE ISAAC. While Isaac reaches out to the masses, gift officers are free to hone in on major gift opportunities. They also are better prepared thanks to Isaac's rich data collection and analysis. Through QuadHub, gift officers can see individual engagement levels, open rates, and so much more. Isaac even knows the exact gift designation each donor is most likely to give to. Isaac truly becomes every officer's best assistant.

Isaac and QuadWrangle also provide you with rich alumni-centric features.


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