Alumni engagement made more valuable.

For everyone.

Just launched! the QuadBlog

Insights for schools

QuadWrangle delivers the most robust content and alumni insights ever available.

Understand the impact of your content and watch donor participation soar.

What are they reading? What are they sharing? What are they funding? And how do content and engagement drive those behaviors?

Know your alumni even better.

From their careers and school interests to the ways they're engaging with you, QuadWrangle means you'll never have a "cold call" again.

Apps for alumni



Your alumni are mobile.

Let's engage them where they are and become a trusted resource for them, wherever they are.


The web is personal.

Amazon recommends personal products, Pandora plays music that's just right, and we do the same by taking all your content and delivering it in a personal feed for each of your unique alumni.


Giving is personal, too.

Giving is personal, too, so we've connected that personalized content to personalized giving opportunities because context matters.

Better alumni networking - at events and everywhere in between.
Check in and create events with alumni, see who's nearby and make new friends.

How does it work?

QuadWrangle talks to and understands your legacy database, social media, and all of the great content your school publishes.

The right content
for the right people.


All that great content is then optimized for mobile consumption and curated for each of your unique alumni.

We leverage that great data to drive online alumni giving and tell you more about who your alumni are both in our insights tool and right back into your current database.

Who we are

Based in Boston, MA, QuadWrangle is dedicated to making alumni happier than ever before and turning that happiness into institutional support. No matter where the winds may send an alum, they are always a graduate of their alma mater and we wrangle them back to the school quad. See what we did there?

We believe in the value of education and that our best renewable resource for educational support is our alumni. So, to all of you who work so tirelessly and smartly to advance that mission, we honor you and look forward to supporting you.